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Origami Owl Love Tagged Collection Love Dog Tag Feminine Necklace Custom Jewelry Initial Crystal Made in the USA pewter Origami Owl Tagged Life is a Gift Pearl Pewter Made in USA Tagged Collection Love Dog Tag Feminine Necklace Custom Jewelry Initial Crystal Origami Owl Tagged Collection Love Dog Tag Feminine Necklace Custom Jewelry Pearl Flower Pewter Made in the USA Inspiring Empowerment

I’m loving this Tagged Collection from Origami Owl. Not only is it Made in the USA and pewter… it’s inspiring. The messages and words of encouragement make this the perfect gift. The Tags include words like Gratitude, Hope, Grace, Faith, Fearless, Free, Dream, Beautiful… just to name a few.

Get your Origami Owl Tagged Creation [here]. I also love doing Facebook and Catalog parties, for those outside of Indianapolis. Go over to Facebook and “like” my Facebook page.

Ah, yes. I love my job. 

I’m looking for POSITIVE and HAPPY people to join the journey of Origami Owl. If you think both of those words describe you, I think we can do this together! Fill out the form below and I’ll email you!

DIY Budget Friendly Wedding Ideas

After attending a wonderful wedding this weekend, it made me remember my own wedding on June 26, 2010. I flipped through photos and remembered the hard, yet fun work I put into the budget friendly wedding. I just hate spending money, simply! Especially when the wedding industry is designed to empty your wallet. I’m sure other brides are looking for budget friendly ideas – so it is a good time to share these easy ideas!


I grew up in Chicagoland. Having a wedding in my hometown would cost A LOT. My husband grew up in a small town with 2 stop lights. Needless to say, we had the wedding in his hometown and saved a lot! The ceremony was in a historic church and the reception was at a pier banquet facility along the Illinois River in East Peoria.

My colors were aqua and red – playing off of the nautical inspiration and summertime spirit.

To sum up my wedding: simple, meaningful and joyful.

 Photo Venue

We were fortunate to take photos at the Best Man’s childhood home. It was a beautiful, old white farmhouse. It meant a lot to my husband & the Best Man that the photos were taken here. The boys also enjoyed taking photos on the trampoline! The beautiful white dining table on the porch made an excellent setting for photos.

Choose a location that has meaning. It may end up being right in your own back yard, literally. Talk about on the cheap!

Flower Girl Basket

I opted for fake flowers for our almost 3-year-old flower girl. Who knows what would happen to a real flower basket when you hand it to a young child!

I found the white basket at the Goodwill and flowers from Hobby Lobby. For whimsy, I wired aqua buttons into the arrangement. The wired ribbon polished off the look. Easy, lightweight, durable and so cheap!


I made my handsome Groom’s boutonniere, along with the Groomsmen boutonnieres.  I got the fake roses from Hobby Lobby for $1 (wait until they’re 50% off). Have you ever seen what guys do with their jackets with fragile flowers pinned on? Fake flowers are much more durable!


Dress & Attire

In 2010, lace wedding dresses were unheard of. I went to every bridal shop and described my look, “All lace. No sequins. No beading. Just lace!” No one had it. Absolutely no one. Then, Kate Middleton happened and now lace is plentiful!

I ended up at a resale bridal boutique. There it was – an all lace dress! It had been worn once, but for a budget friendly, Goodwill-shopper gal like myself: it didn’t matter if it was worn even twice! I spent $550 on the designer lace gown. We had it altered by a local seamstress who did alterations from her home – $80.

The veil was $13 on eBay. I think it was shipped from China, or something. I didn’t care. There were other veils on eBay with more glitz and glamour – worth a check.

Hair & Makeup

My sister-in-law did my carefree hair style. She weaved a bit in the back and curled the rest. It cost me one big hug.

I did my own makeup. No need to go to a make-up artist to lather on foundation.


Not only do I appreciate budget friendly ideas, I also appreciate comfort! I wore Capparros shoes with a vintage look. I got these on eBay for $40.  I wore these all day and felt great!

Bridesmaid Dress & Shoes

Not only did I choose budget friendly attire, I wanted my Bridesmaids to choose what they wanted, too. I told them red shoes and an aqua dress. Each showed their own personalities with their choices. I think one Bridesmaid borrowed the red shoes from her sister. No cost!



I collected an array of stemware from the Goodwill and other thrift stores.  My rule of thumb was no more than $1 per glass (unless it was an incredible design!). We used 5 glasses per table – you do the math. It was a good deal! Then, I tied aqua ribbons on the stems, put a little sand in each glass and a votive candle (all from Michael’s – use coupons! It’ll take a lot of trips but it is worth the savings!).We didn’t keep much of the stemware. It went back to the Goodwill. I kept a few matching sets, which I now use.

Another meaningful idea: my mom sewed the square placements for the centerpieces. I’m currently in the process of taking these apart and using the red/white fabric for sewing a Christmas tree skirt. Reusing the fabric!


Our cake was homemade by a local woman. I told her my envision of a milk glass cake stand. She let me borrow her grandmother’s cake stand. SO kind! With a local baker using her home oven, our cake cost under $300 to serve 150-175 people.

The tablecloth was from my Grandmother, who couldn’t travel to our wedding location. It had a few stains, but it was bunched up on the small surface and you couldn’t tell. It was more important to have something from her at the wedding.

My husband and I made the big cake topper to remember the location where we became engaged: Indianapolis Museum of Art LOVE Sculpture. The cake area was full of meaning. Rather than buying table cloths, a cake pedestal or topper, I looked to people whom I could borrow or I used my own skills. It had so much more meaning. I bought the polymer clay from Michaels and baked it in my oven.

Aisle Decor

We had limitations on pew decor at the historic church. We did use white tulle bows, which I borrowed from a recent bride. I attached a splash of aqua tulle to coordinate with my colors. I probably spent $3 on the aqua tulle. After the wedding, I passed on the bows to my cousin, who was getting married the next month. Reuse & recycle! Free!


I truly believe wedding favors are a joke. Pardon my bluntness, but it is true. It is kind enough to provide a generous dinner, entertainment and company. Most wedding favors are not useful, anyway. To keep kids entertained, we did provide aqua blue rock candy (online candy wholesaler) and glow sticks ($1 for 10 glow sticks at Michael’s – they have them year round). It was quite a hit. Very inexpensive and easy. We did not provide any other favors to guests. I did promptly write thank you post cards to all guests. I would like to emphasize the promptly! 

Invitations and Programs

I relied on my sister-in-law to create invitations and programs. She did a phenomenal job. Check out her Kindly Reply Etsy Shop – she would love to do custom work for you!


I would like to personally recommend Kaiti Bierdeman Photography. She’s based in Illinois. She was very budget friendly and such a joy to work with. All of the photos in this post were taken by her and we treasure each one!

What budget friendly ideas do you have?

Tags for Teachers

Teacher Gift Origami Owl Dog Tag Necklace Personalized Personal Thoughtful Inspiration Inspire



It’s official. I saw it. A yellow school bus on our street corner.

Quite a few of my friends are back in the classrooms, either preparing their rooms and lesson plans. Some have already started the school year. It’s tough heading back!

Here’s a thoughtful way to encourage a teacher to kick off the school year right.

Give them some inspiration. Appreciation. Thanks.

The Origami Owl Tagged Collection makes a beautiful gift for a teacher. Choose from Tags like INSPIRE, GRATITUDE, or BELIEVE.

Or for one friend of mine: FEARLESS.

DIY Banana Ice Cube Dog Treats


Frozen Banana Ice Cube Dog Treats

I’m always looking for ways to make my dog treats that don’t cost much, like Pumpkin Dog Treats. Our dogs are big, hungry girls and gobble down treats in a blink of an eye. No use in buying processed treats, like Snausages. Waste of money. We feed them broccoli and baby carrots, which they LOVE. But I was in a good mood and wanted to make a new treat for them.

There are 2 things my dog loves: bananas and ice cubes. Call me a genius, but one day I decided to mix her two favorite things. My dog is now the happiest dog in the world.



Use overly ripe bananas. Sure, making banana bread for yourself sounds delicious. But it’s hard to resist the family dog. She wants overly ripe bananas, too.


Slice the banana to fill up the ice cube tray.


Fill with water. The overly ripe, mushy bananas will become so saturated. It will make the entire ice cube banana flavored. Freeze time!


And this was Ginger’s first experience with banana ice cubes. She saw it was an ice cube, but she smelled banana. And life was so, so good!

Origami Owl : Wedding Details and Gifts

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I wish Origami Owl was around when I got married. And Pinterest, too, for that matter! Origami Owl is the perfect personal gift for Bridesmaids! You can even give the Mini Locket to Flower Girls!

To coordinate wedding colors – select crystal stones or birth stones to match! There are 25 different stones/pearl to put inside of a Living Locket.  Also, all letters of the alphabet in gold or silver. PERFECT!

To add a few personal touches on the wedding details, add a Locket to the bouquet or centerpiece.  Is there someone special who has passed before the wedding day? Put a few charms in a Locket to remember that important person and carry it on the bouquet. The Locket shown in the photo is a large Locket. But there are also smaller Lockets to tuck into the bouquet or attach to the centerpiece on the head table.

It’s the little things on the wedding day that can mean the most!

Happy Wedding Planning with O2!

Bake : Lemon Cookies

Easy Lemon Cookies Recipe

This soft lemon cookies are PERFECT for summertime. I made them 3 times this summer – can’t get enough. So easy and everyone loves them! Bake them for your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar!

I found this recipe on allrecipes.com and tweaked it ever so slightly. Enjoy!


1 (18.25 oz) package lemon cake mix

2 eggs

1/3 c. vegetable oil

2 tsp lemon extract

confectioner’s sugar


1. Preheat over to 375 degrees F

2. Pour cake mix into large bowl. Stir in eggs, oil and lemon extract until well blended. Drop teaspoonfuls of dough into a small bowl of confectioner’s sugar. Roll them around well to cover. Then place on ungreased cookie sheet.

3. Bake for 6-9 minutes. Bottoms will be light brown and the insides will be soft.


I like making these cookies bite sized. They’re adorable and easy to pop in your mouth for a refreshing lemon dessert!

URGENT HELP NEEDED: Feline Leukemia Positive Kittens Need a Home NOW

The Whole Litter

As many people know, I have a passion for helping and caring for animals. Those who have been abandoned, abused or unloved pull and tug at my heart. This summer, I took in a litter of five foster kittens from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. Two were blood-siblings. The other three were from three separate litters. So, 5 kittens from 4 litters. One kitten, who was found in a wall in an old house in downtown Indy, passed away within days of coming home. I’ve had the remaining four for about a month now. Bottle feeding in the middle of the night, picking out fleas with tweezers and laying in the sun together… these kittens are VERY well taken care of and they love life.

Trixie and Pippa Snuggling

Today I found out, the two blood-sisters were likely born POSITIVE with feline leukemia. This is not highly common in kittens, but it happens. Sadly, the other two contracted it. My heart broke. These happy kittens are all positive. The kittens are now back at Animal Control and I was returned my empty pet carriers. They look scared as I said bye to them in the metal cage.

Pippa and our Dog

They MUST be adopted by someone who has NO cats or who already has feline leukemia positive cats. They LOVE dogs (we have two pitbulls who adore these kittens). They can be adopted out of state. They have a few days to find a home before they’re put to sleep. PLEASE: Would you adopt these kittens or do you know someone who has feline leukemia positive kittens? PLEASE call Indianapolis Animal Care and Control at 317-327-1397 and ask to talk to Julie Zink. This must be done ASAP

Here are their bios


Dobby – We knew something was different about this firecracker. She was very active and liked to bounce off the walls. Then, we found out he was a BOY! It all quickly made sense! He always has a lot to tell you about his day. If you don’t listen to him, he will paw at you to get your attention! He’s the star of the show, everyday. He loves to chew on wagging dog tails and imitate big cats. When he’s playing with his litter mates, he loves to spring into the air, act tough and chase the others. Despite his energy, he loves to lay in the sun and be petted! His fur is perfectly fuzzy. He’s a momma’s boy.

 Pippa in her Food Dish
Pippa – This little blue-eyed lady was the smallest. We were told she may not make it. We bottle fed her all day and all night for the first week. Once she discovered how to eat wet food, she went to town and has been growing ever since! She prefers to sit in her food while she eats. She doesn’t know a stranger. She loves to jump of the laps of new people, upon spotting them across the room. When she sees a dog, she immediately runs to the dog, cuddles up and purrs away! Since she is smaller, she tumbles and rolls a bit more while playing with litter mates. Snuggling and cuddling is what she does best!

Pixie – This girl is big enough to keep up with the boys! She’s fast, quick and playful. She can be a bit shy when first meeting someone. When you pick her up and hold her, the purr motor can be heard from far away! Once she warms up to you, she loves to tackle your hand or any sparkly toy. She’s a wild child with a soft, loveable heart. When she meows, it sounds like an old lady cat. It is pretty funny! She fought a tough battle against a respiratory infection. She was a little fighter and got better in a few days. When she sees a big adult cat, she immediately purrs and follows the cat.
Trixie – Little Trixie likes to split her time between being a typical crazy kitten and enjoying the life of luxury. One minute, she will be running through tunnels and cat towers, the next, she is sprawled out on your lap and looking for some lovin’. She can be a bit shy, like her blood-sister. But it only takes a short time to warm up. Trixie and Pippa became good snuggle buddies on their fleece blanket in the sun. When you pick her up and snuggle, she is in heaven with her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Trixie is a bit scared of being separated from her litter mates.

Origami Owl : Jewelry Bar Launch Recap

Origami Owl Living Locket Diane Holman

Last night was my Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Launch. Pretty exciting. Here are some Jewelry Bar tips and ideas I have come up with…

1. Don’t go overboard with your display. This includes buying everything under the sun with an owl on it. The jewelry does not need to be overshadowed (literally) by a giant, $60 ceramic owl you bought at Cracker Barrel. It is the little things that matter!

2. Enthusiasm is contagious. And it makes you happy. So be enthusiastic!!

3. Keep refreshments simple. I made lemon drop cookies and set out nuts & chocolate covered pretzels (from a bag, don’t spend time making them). Not that many people even ate the treats. I probably should’ve skipped the cookies. Well, no. Today, I was thankful I had cookies on hand for my dessert after dinner!

4. Invite everyone – let them decide for themselves if they want to attend. Don’t assume one way or the other. You never know who will surprise you at your front door… and that same person enrolls as a DIW! YES!

5. RELAX. Getting worked up in a tizzy and being nervous will run you down. Have fun with it! It’ll be a BLAST!

Are you familiar with Origami Owl?